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Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

Our clinical Chemistry Analyzers include, i-Smart Pro, Pictus 500 and Pictus 700.


i-Smart Pro P500 P700

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i-Smart Pro
The i-Smart Pro ensures hassle-free maintenance with an all-in-one cartridge, delivering rapid analyses in just 35 seconds for key electrolytes. Measures Na+, K+, Ca2+ and Cl- with 60ul of blood.

Pictus 500
Throughput 300T/ hr with ISE 480T/ hr. with 95 Samples on board. 72 Reagents on board. Continuous sample & reagent loading. Low water consumption 2L/ hr. Onboard reagents refrigeration. Userbale Cuvettes.

Pictus 700
Throughput 600T/ hr ,720 T/ hr with ISE.
95 Samples on board
Low water consumption 3L/ hr board

Additional information

i-smart Pro Operates on battery for max of two hours without being plugged in.
Allows fast and error-free data entry using barcode scanner.
Replacing a cartridge is all you have to do for maintenance!
Each cartridge offers an extended uselife of 4 weeks! Available Cartridge Types: 100 Samples / 4 Weeks and 200 Samples / 4 Weeks
Electrical requirements: 600 VA
Weight: 115 kg, 253 lbs
Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height): 88 cm x 70 cm x 66 cm 34.6˝ x 27.6˝ x 26˝
Water Consumption (l/h): ~ 1.5l (up to 2l depending on usage)
Computer/SW environment: up to Win 10 •Interferential optical filters (340-750 nm): 12 •Photometric range (linearity): -0.1/3.6
Internal Barcode Reader for samples, sectors and reagents
Pictus 700 Samples
Sample volume: 2 to 100 μl/test
On-board: 95 (5 racks x 19 positions) ID barcode equipped positions for routine, stat and control samples and standard solutions Primary tubes, secondary tubes
Maximum number of reagent vials: 72 1 to 3 reagents, 2 to 480 μl/reagent volume each, total volume 180 to 650 μl/test
1 to 3 reagents, 2 to 480 μl/reagent volume each, total volume 180 to 650 μl/test
Reagent vial sizes: 25, 45 and 70 ml
Barcode Reader for reagents