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25 Parameters.
Fully Auto Analyzer - high precision and quick turnaround results.
Clinical profile management - Diabetes, Cardiovascular Risk etc.
Simple Test Cartridges..

Includes i-Smart Pro, Pictus 500, and Pictus 700. The i-Smart Pro ensures hassle-free maintenance with an all-in-one cartridge, delivering rapid analyses in just 35 seconds for key electrolytes. The Pictus 500 offers a throughput of 300 tests per hour, while the Pictus 700 excels with a throughput of 600 tests per hour (720 with ISE). Both models feature onboard sample and reagent storage, low water consumption, and user-friendly interfaces. Together, they redefine efficiency, speed, and convenience in clinical chemistry instrumentation..

The Zybio Z3 and Zybio Z5. The Z3, a 3-Diff Hematology Analyzer, boasts the fastest throughput, excelling in Capillary blood mode while ensuring ease of operation and maintenance. On the other hand, the Z5, a 5-Diff Hematology Analyzer, unlocks possibilities beyond expectations with expanded clinical performance. Together, they represent a powerful combination, offering a range of options to meet diverse laboratory needs.

i-smartCare 10 and i-smart300. The i-smartCare 10 offers a comprehensive 23 parameters, including 13 derived parameters, with an intelligent sample probe and an all-in-one multi-test cartridge. Meanwhile, the i-smart300 provides precise analysis with 20 parameters, including pH, pCO2, pO2, cNa+, cCa, cK+, cCl-, and Hct, featuring an intelligent sample probe and a maintenance-free, multi-use disposable cartridge. Together, they redefine efficiency and accuracy in blood gas analysis.

A user-friendly companion in glucose monitoring. This advanced device comes with automatic coding for seamless operation, making it easy to use for hassle-free glucose testing. Featuring Gold Electrode Technology, it ensures accurate and reliable results. Additionally, the GlucoDr:Auto boasts a large memory, capable of storing up to 500 tests, providing a convenient and comprehensive solution for your glucose monitoring needs.

The SABIO JR Automated ESR Analyzer is a compact solution for small to medium-sized labs. It seamlessly integrates into hematology departments, employing innovative technology to directly determine ESR from blood/EDTA samples using the Westergren method. Cost-effective and eco-friendly, it utilizes the same EDTA tubes as CBC tests, ensuring patient comfort and sustainability. With 16 sample loading positions and continuous loading for up to 19 minutes, it offers maintenance-free operation and advanced features like an LCD touch screen and data transmission to LIS, enhancing laboratory efficiency and productivity.

LOC-200 Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer is designed to perform the blood biochemistry and electrolyte item analysis(35 parameters), delivering reliable and accurate results in 8-12 minutes by 3 drops of blood sample(90-120μL).

Introducing the UD-C100 Portable Coagulation Analyzer—powered by advanced microfluidic technology and electrochemical methods. This compact and portable device is suitable for bedside, home, and outdoor use, supporting both fingertip peripheral blood and venous whole blood. Delivering reliable laboratory-quality results in just 2 minutes, it features disposable plug-in test strips, eliminating the need for calibration. Experience swift and accurate coagulation analysis anytime, anywhere with the UD-C100.

Experience comprehensive diagnostics with the Apoti Plus - Dry-type Fluorescent Immunoassay Analyzer. Our versatile test menu includes Inflammation (CRP, PCT, IL-6, SAA), Tumor Markers (PSA, AFP, CEA, FOB), Cardiac Markers (cTnI, cTnT, NT-proBNP, CK-MB, H-FABP, Myoglobin, Troponin I/Myoglobin/CK-MB - 3 in 1), Troponin I/NT-proBNP/D-Dimer - 3 in 1, Coagulation (D-Dimer), Endocrinology (FSH, LH, T3, T4, Testosterone, Beta-hCG, Progesterone, Ferritin, TSH, AMH, Prolactin, FT4, FT3), Nephrology (mAIb, CysC, Beta 2MG, N-GAL), Infectious Diseases (Strep A, FLU A+B, RSV, COVID-19 Antigen, COVID-19 IgG/IgM, COVID-19 S-RBD IgG Antibody, COVID-19/FLU A+B - 2 in 1, Dengue IgG/IgM, Dengue NS1, Syphilis, H.pylori Antigen, HBsAb), and Others (IgE, HbA1c - incubator optional, Vitamin D). Accurate and efficient diagnostics for a wide spectrum of medical conditions.

Histology Equipment

Laboratory Histology Equipment-

Introducing the KEDEE Histology Lab Equipment from Sam-tech Diagnostics Co Ltd. Our automated tissue processor, rotary microtome, tissue embedding system, and accompanying tools offer precise and efficient histological sample processing. From automated tissue processing to precise sectioning and embedding, our equipment ensures consistent results and streamlined workflow for enhanced histological analysis.